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Thread: GGN speculating that WR Holmes could be out and possibly cut this season.

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    This is why I wouldn't be at all shocked if we go WR early in the draft ... Holmes may have a very short future with us for various reasons, Bray is wearing down injury wise, and that only leave Hill, Kerley and some scrubs.

    If WR is BAP at #9, take him and don't look back. No need to reach, but don't ignore the position because of a view that we're "set" at WR.

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    like holmes or not his cap hit pretty much keeps him on the team so the jets should try to get something out of him. they need to at least try. who knows maybe someone will offer a 7th and take him off their hands. and if he is the cancer he's made out to be there are ways to deal with that too. someone on the team needs to step up and stifle his azz.


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