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Thread: sons cancer benefit last night... wow

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    sons cancer benefit last night... wow

    Hey all on JI. We had over 650 people attend the benefit last night in Buffalo. Our son was able to stay the entire time at one point the fireman actually stopped letting people in because there were already 500 people milling and enjoying. Thank you for the generous donations from my friends here on JI. Were going to Yale Tuesday and Sloan Kettering Friday. My family was overwhelmed by the support from family and friends and my sons coworkers here at Customs and Border Protection in Buffalo. Thank you all again and God Bless.

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    What a spectacular turn out to support your son and his fight. Best of luck on your upcoming visits to Yale and SK. We're all hoping there is a miraculous cure out there.

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    Wow, that's amazing. Really glad to hear you had such a great turnout, even better to hear that you are getting the treatment ball rolling so quickly with Yale and SK. Good luck!


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