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Thread: Bill Williamson suggest the Chiefs trade #1 pick for Revis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astoria View Post
    Actually he IS talking about a 1 and 9 swap.

    Which would be stupid for the Jets in this draft. Guy has no idea what he's talking about but "hey it's da jets they stupid they'd make that deal". Article reads like a kid playing madden.

    If the deal were straight for the 1 and we keep our 9, and maybe we throw in a mid rounder, id do that instantly.


    Sick and tired of these ****ing media morons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesR View Post
    I'll take the Chiefs #2 pick this year and next year's #1.
    Yes, sign me up.

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    Agree not worth it. swap 2nd rounders also, plus Kcs 4th?

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    I'm not a big Revis fan, but I'd like to see some team, any team, trade for Revis and then trade him to the Pats. That would liven things up here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pats1960 View Post
    I'm not a big Revis fan, but I'd like to see some team, any team, trade for Revis and then trade him to the Pats. That would liven things up here.
    Do you seriously think BB would put up with a me-first, whinny player who only care about himself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike View Post
    so what he held out. hes the best cb in the nfl he deserves a pass. players of his calibre dont come around too often and the jets have him and many want him gone.

    you pay him with a sensible thought out contract not a shoot from the hip tannenbaum special thats how. how do other teams pay there superstars?
    Take a look at how the Pats did it with Brady.. Of course it helps when the player in question is reasonable which Revis isn't..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCITSCAT View Post
    Yes, sign me up.
    This would be sweet!
    This draft is deep, not necessarily superstars, though every draft has players that become NFL stars.
    I've said all along that the Jets need to solidify trenches on both sides & having two 2s in this draft would be excellent.
    I would go Jones in the 1st if he's there, vaccaro in the 2nd, best Guard left for the other 2nd.
    That would leave 3-7 for BPA on either side of the ball, most likely a RB with the 3rd.
    OLB, Safety, OG, RB, 4-7 BPA regardless of position.
    That would be a helluva start to rebuilding toward the 2014 draft & believe me, if the Rex can create a pass rush again, with more speed at LB, and a legitimate pass rush, the Jets will be more competitive than people expect.
    We really don't know if last years draft will come on in 2013?
    You have Davis, Bush, Hill, & a few others still on this roster that could take their play to another level.
    Most players don't just show up in the NFL & get noticed.
    A lot of players shine in their 2nd year.
    Look at Hill, sure he had trouble holding on to the ball, but he didn't have trouble getting open! He was usually open.
    I never give up on an entire season, you just never know. Rex was way too loyal to Scott, Pace, Thomas, Smith!
    Can you think of any other team in the NFL that started 4 defensive players older & slower than those 4?
    Time for Rex & his staff to earn their salaries & get some young guys up to speed!

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    Was going to post this in the Alex Smith Traded? thread but it's been locked.

    Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora
    The Alex Smith trade is not with Arizona, to be clear again. The Cards offer was weak. 49ers told people its not AZ. KC remains likely team

    So it appears Jax & AZ are out..And yes, I know it won't be for KCs #1 this season


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