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Thread: NY Jets Actively Shopped Revis at combine

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRONX JET View Post
    It's hilarious that the team with the most stacked roster in the entire league can afford Revis but the Jets can't.

    Someone sit me down and explain how we can't afford him when the Jets are committed to 2 contract beyond this current year. Please. I'm waiting.
    Uhhh we could afford him dude, it's a matter of whether you want to build your team that way. Without enough skill at other positions, flushing money into the non-essential cb position guarantees we'll be in the AFC east cellar with the best cb in the league.

    I don't get how the hero worshippers don't get this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    Again, would you give up a 2nd round draft pick that could possibly be a 1-year rental for Revis?

    Not going to happen.
    Really? Aqib Talib was traded for a 4th round pick and he wasnt even available for an entire season. How is a second for Revis so crazy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    If we trade him those cap hits accelerate as well.
    I'm guessing Idzik knows all this and if what Myers is reporting is true then Idzik has it all under control.

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    We understand both the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints will look hard at defensive backs in the early rounds of the draft. The conventional thought that New Orleans will take a defensive front seven player in the first round is not a sure thing.

    - We hear a lot of corners will be selected in the top 100 choices of the draft, many more than people expect.

    Not surprising with the NFL become more of a passing league..Need DBs!


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