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Thread: Report: Jets trying to re-sign safety LaRon Landry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleem View Post

    One year, $1.5 million? Decent in coverage, bad against the run. Pair with Bell/Allen, who have the opposite problem?
    @toddarcher: My take on Sensabaugh move: Cowboys taking risk at safety spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    Plus, the Jets are not the team that Reed would be looking for anyway.
    You're right. He is either looking for that last big payday or a quick and easy second Super Bowl ring, and the Jets are in position to give him neither one.

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    Landry was my fav player last season, would love to keep him

    That being said ... 4 mil per & injury protection on the deal is the ceiling


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    Jets have to resign Landry if they trade Revis. No way around it unless you want to end up with the NFL's worst secondary.

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    Manish or maybe his dad once reported that the Americans would never take Bagdad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohio State NY Jets fan View Post
    Manish or maybe his dad once reported that the Americans would never take Bagdad

    Mehta is an Indian not Arab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    Mehta is an Indian not Arab.

    meant the comparison as a journalist not ethnicity, he just seems to make up stories...

    Would love to see Landry back in green just don't think Jets are in a position to pay him top dollar


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