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ah finally someone else who sees reality and isnt on their knees in front of the great Jim H. Smith was hurt just about every year until 09. He missed a lot of games and played through shoulder injury. He had 5 different OCs in his 1st 5 seasons! 49ers were bad for many years, never had a legit rciever until crabtree.. their picks finally planned through, crap records allowed them great draft picks.. Jim walked in the door at the perfect time.. He is a goo coach though, and showed balls going with kaepernick..
Don't get me wrong as I give Harbaugh a lot of credit as well. I think he's the type of coach who tries to see what his players can do, then crafts his approach around those abilities. I think that just about any QB who played for him would "get better" for the most part.

Basically, instead of giving Harbaugh all the credit I'd Smith some credit as well.