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Thread: Matt Cassell

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    God. This thread is so f***ing depressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsman51 View Post
    1. Cassell
    2. Sanchez
    3. Barkley (rd 2).

    Thanks, you have just ruined my appetite for supper.

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    [QUOTE=NY's stepchild;4821821]
    Quote Originally Posted by Digetydog View Post

    I wouldn't mind seeing what Carr can do. It's been long enough for him to get another chance. A lot better than Vince Young anyway.
    I like Carr he deserves another shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache 51 View Post
    Patriot swine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMC View Post
    Cassel was actually worse than Sanchez last year. Cassel was ranked 32nd in QB rating while Sanchez was 31st (66.9 vs. 66.7).
    Sanchez is significantly better than Matt Cassel. Alway has, always will be. Thank God Tanny didn't trade a 1st round pick for this overrated loser in 2009 like some of the clowns on this board were screaming for (Patsfantx).

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    Cassel's been selected to a pro bowl

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    You guys don't understand, he only had zero starts after high school. We can't really evaluate him yet.


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