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Thread: Sense of entitlement in the NFL

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    NFL players are entitled to ask for what they think they're worth. And NFL owners are entitled to tell them to go fvck themselves.
    While I might not have worded it that way, I don't understand why more people don't get this.

    In the end I side with management because I believe in the binding nature of a contract. Within that contract is the ability for an owner to cut bait, but not for the player to hold out so that's my determining factor.

    But that doesn't mean people can't TRY to get out of one contract and into a better one -- they just have to be willing to deal with the ramifications if things don't go their way . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McClane View Post
    NFL players have to make all the money they are going to need to live their entire lives in a job that most are out of in under 2 years. I do not blame them for leveraging their value for maximum payout.

    Fans always say "I'd just be happy to play." Well, that's because we aren't world-class athletes. We're fan shlubs that drink too much and care too much about living vicariously through the success and failure of our teams. We work our whole lives to get by... NFL players work for as long as their talent or health holds up, and hope to make enough to live out their lives. Most of them don't have a plan B.
    Why do they need to make all the money they need in just a few years, they can't work any more? Tthe only think they can do is play football? Then they should have paid attention in class. Each guy that wears that uniform for 4 years is off to a better start than 99% of the kids 4 years after school.Even at vet min they are bringing home 275,000 each year and that is living in NYC

    There is no way in hell that each one could not put away 125,000 each year.
    that is 1/2 mill to open up a business, They can buy a McDonalds franchise and have a 6 figure income for the rest of thier lives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY's stepchild View Post
    He has every right to get as much as he can, but if he were smart he'd be more like Jeter, and less like ARod. If it was me I'd do whatever I could to be sure we won a SB with him, and that he was a life long team first player. He'd make a lot more money in the long run. He'd probably be happier. Have a better life, and a better legacy, but I guess you have to be who you are. When he's gone, he's gone, and I won't be thinking about him.
    Jeter has never turned down less money to stay with the Yankees. I believe the only player in the history of baseball to have made more money than him is ARod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    First of all, any player only has a limited amount of time to collect on their special athletic gifts. So when I hear and see this "mevis" sh*t, the only thing I can think of is what would that very person do? If they were in Revis shoes, you can bet your A$$ they would be b*tching for more money also.

    And this isn't simply about someone wanting more money, it is the kind of player that Darrelle Revis has turned out to be.

    Has there ever been a New York Jet that has been as consistent as Revis? NO.

    Has there ever been players in the history of the league that are as consistent as Revis is? Yes, probably. But you bet your A$$ those guys wanted to get paid also.

    This isn't about some guy like Calvin Pace that got a huge payday through FA and never lived up to the expectations. This is about a guy that barring injury could very well go down as the best corner to have ever played the game. On top of that, this is about a guy that NEVER lets up. He is consistently the best corner in the game. We aren't talking about Cro here that had a few great seasons through other very average seasons.

    What's worse is when I hear all of this sh*t about the Jets can't pay him what he wants. That's a crock of sh*t because the last time I checked we still have the same salary cap as every other team in the league. If we truly can't pay him because of all of the stupid contracts that Tanny wrote, well then whose fault is that? Certainly not Revis.

    So really what this all boils down to is how important do you think Revis is when building a defense? Most of the posters on this site want to lessen the value of Revis by saying he isn't someone you can build a defense around. That's nothing more than OPINION, certainly not fact. I happen to firmly believe that you can build around Revis and create a top notch defense. That is also my opinuion, but it doesn't make it any more wrong than you.

    And if you don't like Revis's greedy perception that everyone has for him, shove it up your A$$, because it isn't about to change and as I already explained he is certainly in the conversation of the very best defensive players in the game today. I don't care and I'm sure Revis doesn't either.

    Contracts talks are business they are not personal. It isn't about you wanting him to have some sort of emotional attachment to the NYJ. It's about him getting all that he can get for his services.

    You can also bet your A$$ that somebody is going to pay him a huge payday. That's a fact. So my immediate thought is if some other team can pay him, WHY CAN'T WE PAY HIM?

    As has been already been mentioned we have the SAME salary cap as everyone else. So stop with nonsense about we can't pay him. Someone will sign him for big money and win a SB as a result. And if they can do it, WE CAN ALSO.
    You make some excellent points here.

    In my opinion, people are over-reacting to the "salary cap hell" statements that get (over) made in the media. Our cap sucks THIS YEAR. After this year, we can pay whoever the hell we like however much we like, if we do the necessary to clear up the abysmal contracts to under-performing players.

    So the real question, as I see it, is more the philosophical one of how much SHOULD we pay Revis. Personally, I have no trouble with accepting he deserves to be paid as the best CB in football, and if the Jets paid him as such I would support the move.

    It's when he wants to be the highest paid defensive PLAYER I start to think that this is a step too far. While Revis is a huge factor in the way we play defense and can neutralise (rather than just limit) some of the best offensive weapons in the game, teams can work around that. With offenses using more 4 & 5 WR sets, his effect can be diluted. Revis is an exceptional talent, but he cannot take over a game - he's not an "attacking" defender like an elite pass rusher, he can only defend his man and eliminate him from contention.

    Now, whether Revis truly believes he'll get a $16m a year deal or if this is just part of the negotiating process I don't know. I'm quite happy to see it play out though, I don't think anything needs to be rushed. If we are to trade him, we can trade him for picks in next year's draft if needed, it doesn't have to be this year.

    I'd still love him to be a Jet ... I keep thinking back to when Abe wanted paid, many people here couldn't wait to get rid of him. All these years later, we're still looking for a decent pass rusher. I hope we don't end up regretting it if we part ways with Revis.


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