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Thread: Glauber: Keyshawn Johnson's advice to Jets: Trade Darrelle Revis

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    How this hack has a job is a miracle. He should at least back his NFL and college teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumbalayaJet View Post
    How this hack has a job is a miracle. He should at least back his NFL and college teams.
    Not sure which hack you are referring to Jumba?

    Keyshawn? miracle he has any job at all

    Glauber? Sort of has a job although it's with a "newspaper" (Newsday) read by fewer people than the average phone book.

    GMC? not really a hack...although his fictional novella about his club seats, his Fireman Ed fake "broker", his list of 43 year old retired "super duper stars" the Jets should sign and all other aspects of his fake nike identity are probably best seller worthy in the fantasy and science fiction category

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetglass View Post
    Revis has nothing to do with Asomugha. Revis is hands down the best corner in the game, and some would argue the best defender altogether. Aso was never a top corner. No one saw him play outside the Oakland market and it just became the cool thing to say he was among the league's best corners in Oakland without ever actually seeing him play. Aso can shut down #2 wide receivers. Big deal. Revis shuts one one side of the field. If you faced Aso even in Oakland, just move ure #1 receiver to the other side of the field and problem solved!
    ... You forgot to add ... Revis is coming off a devastating knee injury ... Duh ...

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    Sense that the new Jets front office will be more stoic, less reactive to Revis and his agents' rumbles of discontent..

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    agree with keyshawn on the trade but it is doubtful the jets will find a sucker like tampa. revis doesn't score points and he's only one guy on the defense. he doesn't demand double teaming or requires the other team to do more except have their best receiver stay sharp. he's also coming off an injury.

    as for keyshawn he's also one of the few players who was ordered off the team for conduct detrimental. he's got some serious issues.

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    Who cares? Keyshawn Johnson is overrated and gay.


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