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Thread: How about Dee Milliner?

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    How about Dee Milliner?

    If they can't come to terms with Revis (which I think they will) but worst case, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get this kid, he's the real deal and would ease the blow of losing Revis. Thoughts?

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    It would be like the ultimate middle finger to Revis.

    And the funniest thing would be if Millner became the top CB in the league.

    And we'd be 4-12, but still have the best CB.

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    You don't trade Revis just to draft another Corner. How don't people understand this? Cro and Wilson were fine last year. The reason we're trading Revis is because we have bigger issues, such as playmakers on offense, and help at linebackers. Milliner would be redundant at 9. I'd go crazy.

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    Seems like a pointless question since he's expected to go top 5.

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    The top 3 CB this year are all looking really good. I would take Milliner if he is there at 9 if we traded Revis. Rhodes and Banks look amazing as 1st rounders as well.


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