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Thread: Mayock's Latest Top 5

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    Wasn't Cam Newton the known pick of the Panthers from the getgo. Dispite all the naysayers, i thought it was widely known that the newly hired HC of the Panthers was extremely high on Cam Newton.
    No a lot of people argued they didn't need a QB. Clausen in his rookie year actually showed some promise. There where a lot of can't miss high end guys they could have taken. Cam was a huge risk with a lot of negatives. Everything from attitude concerns to mechanics and lack of experience. He had the heart of a lion and was a great leader on the field with a huge up side however. It is kind of odd how last year he looked like a technical QB and was pouting on the side line. Exact oppose of what people thought he was.
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    I don't know what he sees in Landry Jones...

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    @Andy_Fenelon: Mayock: I don't like this QB class. If I'm going to make a mistake I'm going to make it on an athletic guy (Manuel). #nfldraft

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    @nfl: Here's who @Mike_Mayock believes is the second best QB in the Draft:

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    Jamie Collins over Mingo. Wow


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