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Thread: Kraft doing damage control for his buddy Goodell

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    can't agree. imo the worst commish is stern.

    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Of course Kraft likes him. He made Spygate go away.

    Worst commissioner of all the major sports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sameoldjets View Post
    can't agree. imo the worst commish is stern.

    As inept as Goodell is I think his Patriot d*cksucking has cooled off last couple seasons and the pussified concussion stuff is him posturing for a settlement with this stupid class action lawsuit.

    Meanwhile Stern has totally mismanaged the NBA. Sacramento, a great NBA city that has always supported the Kings, has to fight with Seattle over the rights to the franchise while New Orleans, a deadbeat NBA market that could care less, gets a new arena and Stern rigs the draft for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EM31 View Post
    The only thing that seems to change over time is the number of thousands in TX's post count that people cite as evidence that he has no life.
    Lol thanks for the laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2® View Post
    FTR: My post commented on the story, nothing to do with Ray.

    I mean sure, I'm a dick, but not in this case.
    don't sell yourself short - you're always a dick.

    (albeit, a short dick)


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