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Thread: Cop shoots Cop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axil View Post
    Why the hell isn't the LEO being charged with reckless endangerment? He discharged a weapon at a door as it was being closed. There were women and children in there, and he was reckless and irresponsible enough to hit another officer.

    Yeah, the guy parading around his home with a loaded shotgun destroying things ought to be charged with a crime, but is there any doubt that the most grievous crime was committed by one of the police officers responding to the situation?
    Maybe. Says they're looking into it. And, yeah, the one officer that just started shooting because he thought the guy shot his fellow officer messed up. Little code black if you ask me.

    Doesn't change that the guy needed to be charged. Sounds like there was a lot going on that night, but he probably shoulda got locked up, not just charged ten days later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cr726 View Post
    Really? That's the best you got?
    it was a drive by jab.

    admittedly, not my best work.

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    Sh*t happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetPotato View Post
    Butt Fumble with bullets

    Brilliant, Potato...


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