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Thread: "Go To" Beers

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    To start.

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    Just started to like the Angry Orchard ciders.
    High life
    Heiny Lite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    as I sat down to watch the Isles blow a lead to the Rangers last night, I found a hidden stash of Spaten Octoberfest in the back of my fridge. I can't say that its my everyday beer, but I wish it was.


    I would drink certain Octoberfests all year long if it was available.
    A while back, I mentioned that Spaten now brews its Oktoberfest all year round. Even if it's available, I usually only drink it in the late Summer and Fall.

    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    have you found the Shiner on a regular basis at all yet? Whenever I'm able to load up on it, its one of my favorite drinking beers. Very tasty but you can keep drinking it.

    Still haven't seen it in my parts.
    I go to northern Jersey fairly frequently. It's always available there.

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    Newcastle, Heineken, Stella Artois and a few others not mentioned:

    (Canadian versions) Molson Export Ale, Carling Black Label and Brador

    Sol - a very inoffensive beer that is good for hot days and outdoor chores - think of a much better tasting Corona

    A newcomer - one of the new Budweiser Project 12 - #23185 (Vanilla/Bourbon notes)

    Not sure if these flavoured beers count - Jack Daniels Berry, Lynchburg Lemonade; Smirnoff Lemonade; Seagrams Lime Melonade

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    Year round go to: Sierra Nevada or Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

    Seasonal go to: Sierra Nevada Celebration or Brooklyn Brewery Winter Ale

    I think I see a pattern here...

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    Arrogant Bastard on tap is phenomenal, all the stuff from Stone is actually

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    This has been my go to beer of the Winter. Very similar to Sierra's Celebration, only with a milder bitter note. Absolutely delicious and thirst quenching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nj2socaljetsfan View Post
    Yuengling and Palm
    Up until recently, Yuengling Lager and Black & Tan were always in my fridge. For the money (I'd get a 12-pack for $9.99) you could not find a more reliable brew.

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    bar near me has La Fin Du Monde on tap. feel it after a couple of them

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    Brooklyn Lager

    When I was further west I always had Fat Tire or 1554 around.

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    In Morris Co., N.J. at the right end of a Browning 12 gauge, with Nick to my left n Rex to my right.
    Tap.........Guinness or Harp

    Bottle.......Paulaner Original or
    Hacker- Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen

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    I buy a lot of nice beers, but I never end up dancing with my pants on my head if I just stick to Miller Light.

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    Took the LIRR to work today. Going to stopy by Rosa's and get me a big one for the ride home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monsterxman View Post
    I buy a lot of nice beers, but I never end up dancing with my pants on my head if I just stick to Miller Light.

    People tell me "Bud lite is water, bro".

    I'm like.."Exactly"

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    Back home: Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat
    At School: Firestone Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout

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    Been drinking Samuel Adams Alpine Spring the last few weeks.

    The every day brew is Yuengling Black and Tan

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    I usually drink vodka or wine. But when I drink beer, it's usually either Blue Point or Brooklyn Lager.

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