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Thread: Anquan Boldin Rejects Pay Cut From Ravens

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    Boldin is as clutch as they come ... Good for him calling their bluff

    No way they let him go and make it back to the dance


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    What do these players all have in common

    A SB hero asked to take a pay cut

    The best player on a team involved in trade rumors

    A couple game changers with all world stats can't get a decent contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks
    If Boldin hits the market, Sam Bradford should beg his bosses to bring him to STL.
    Cam Newton should do the same....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtAshton View Post
    More so. caught many contested badly thrown balls.
    Bmore's offense was stagnant after the blackout until plays by Boldin got them flowing again.
    Without Boldin in the post season stretch Ravens wouldn't have hoisted the silverware

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    Quote Originally Posted by revischrist View Post
    Boldin may not be Calvin Johnson tall, but he is FAR from a "small WR." In fact, he is one of the strongest WRs in the game and hard to take down. Boldin has more of a OLB body than a WR body.

    With that said he is old so I agree that no team will give him a big contract, but when you give an "above average" but not great QB Elite QB money this is whats going to happen. Other players on the team are going to demand to be paid in the same way and get offended if they aren't.

    Ravens will be in trouble for a long time thanks to the Flacco deal.
    Does anyone remember that it was actually Eric Smith who broke Boldin's face in half during a disgusting hit at a Jets game?


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    If Boldin is released the Ravens will be left looking real foolish when Flukeo goes back to looking extremely mediocre. Boldin was the true MVP of that team in the final six games of last season. He went up and got every single jump ball thrown his way. Flukeo didn't have to do much when he had Boldin in his sights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASG0531 View Post
    Does anyone remember that it was actually Eric Smith who broke Boldin's face in half during a disgusting hit at a Jets game?

    Yes, most of us have been here for more than 18 months. That hit was hotly debated here - some people claim it was completely clean and Boldin lowered his head, others felt it was dirty.

    JMO, Smith isn't a dirty player - he simply doesn't know how to control his body and tackler properly. The hit on Welker didn't seem dirty - just clumsy.

    And again, JMO, I don't think the hit on Boldin was intended to be dirty, but the bottom line is that he hit him in the face, leading with his head.


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