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Thread: Jets Only Related Transactions & News-March '13

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    Jets Only Related Transactions & News-March '13

    There is a Non-Jets FA News & Signings Thread..Thought I would start a Jets Only thread..Mods can merge, dump if they like..

    Brian Costello ‏@BrianCoz
    Jets have also told free agent WR Braylon Edwards they have interest in re-signing him, but it sounds like they will explore options first.

    Jets have interest in Rams FA WR Brandon Gibson, according to a source

    Gibson had two touchdowns against the Jets in their game last year.

    EDIT: I see the GREAT sec.101row23 has started a similar thread..Mods, please delete this one.

    sec.101row23, great job, as always!
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    LOL....I think we are sharing a brain.


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