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Thread: Payback is a b*^%h

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    Payback is a b*^%h

    Revis team upset that they are not involved in anything transpiring with him, that no one is asking their opinion.

    Maybe if they hadn't been asses 3 years ago and held out this wouldn't be like this.

    Oh, and wanting quarterback money- 16 to 20million a year ( about 16% of the ENTIRE cap) has no impact either.

    Trade him and let someone else deal with his crazy demands!

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    That's why we may only get a 2nd, trade him with no contract

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    Revis and his camp are on a need to know basis. They can go fvck themselves. He is currently under contract for 2013 w/ the Jets. That is all they need to know.

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    They've dicked us around for years.

    Glad to see Idzik and Woody returning the favor.

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    So long as this means Revis is motivated to perform to his best this year AND re-signs under a reasonable contract to retire a Jets then it's all gravy

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    if revis were a quarterback, he'd be in control. it's mostly about position, not talent. the issue for revis is, he's finding this out now, and not as a rookie.

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    How is this payback?

    Revis has already won this upcoming battle. He's going to get his money, whether it's from us or somebody else, and the Jets will be a worse team without him.


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