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Thread: How does this affect Revis?

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    How does this affect Revis?

    The Eagles cut Nnamdi, and Antoine Winfield and Michael Huff have both been released and are free to sign elsewhere. Will this drive down the market for Revis or at least drive down what teams are willing to pay for him? It can't be a good thing to have these guys all released at the same time if you're trying to get a big trade for Revis can it?

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    No effect.

    Teams that are interested in Revis aren't looking to simply fill a need.

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    It won't make a difference IMO. The bottom line is Jets fans, media, Revis' agent, and Revis himself all KNOW he is the best CB in the NFL and possibly the best overall defender in the league.

    Asomogha, Huff, etc. who gives a sh*t. Those guys might be comparable to someone like Ty Law. Somthing like the best of the rest. Really the only player you could compare Revis to would be Deion Sanders.


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