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Thread: Idzik is in Charge! Rex is Neutered!

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    2 picks in 4 years is not much of a defense of the man.

    I think there are posters here that could do better.

    His total lack of caring about the O and the entire team is reflected in our current personnel situation.
    I don't see how anyone can say we neglected the offense.

    They went out and got Braylon and Santonio and LT with Greene. They tried. Mark couldn't get it done, Schotty failed as usual, and the malcontents imploded the offense.

    And any way I was speaking directly about our 1st round picks. That to me is a good evaluation of getting the pick right. Can't miss on the 1st round picks and so far he hasn't on the defensive side. I personally think Wilson is a better player than people give him credit for. That was also a low 1st round pick. The only 1st rounder that you can say Rex missed on was the QB and quite honestly that's more on Tanny and the scouting department than Rex. But in terms of defense and where we picked these guys up... I'd say Wilson, Wilkerson, and Coples have been solid picks... the latter of the two will be a celebrated force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McClane View Post
    The threads get worse here daily, good grief.
    And it really kills the board.

    Some people buy into this Francesa created idea that Rex runs the show and everything goes through him.

    Tannenbaum has been the same type of GM even with Mangini has coach. He had his style, it led to a lot of success but not the biggest prize.

    Now Idzik is in and it's clearly a rebuilding and clearing of the salary cap.

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    YES!!! Rex has been neutered!!!!! He clearly doesn't know a thing about football.....

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    Tanny was always in charge. It was the same **** even when mangini was our coach


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