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Thread: Talent - Burn the Place Down!!

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    Talent - Burn the Place Down!!

    In the NFL, it pays to be very good or very bad. Life for teams that win "just enough" games is rough. You never get the top picks in the draft and you rarely sniff the playoffs. With the "talent" left on the roster, it is time to burn the place down.

    Rules to Live By:1) No long term deals to old veterans;
    2) Sign veterans to cheap, one year deals to fill holes and to protect investments;
    3) Anyone over 40 is gone yesterday;
    4) Anyone over 30 is on the way out; and
    5) Stockpile picks and salary cap room.

    2013-4 - Young players play. Old players go away. Better to lose with a young fast LB than to win with an old slow(ing) LB.

    2014-5 - Still paying price for Tanny's "Cap Genius," use picks to build talent all over the field. No big signings.

    2015-6 - Super Bowl Baby!!! Use cap money to fill in any holes that drafts/trades haven't been able to fill.

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    Sergeant, burn the fields and when you're done with that, burn the house.

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    i will repeat, i love what idzik is doing right now....LOVE IT!!!


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