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Thread: New Story: Jets Sign Antwan Barnes

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    Jet fans have been pleading with their favorite team to add a true pass rusher to the roster for years, now they finally got one in Antwan Barnes. After signing Antonio Garay and Willie Colon over the weekend, new GM John Idzik once again went bargain shopping with the addition of the veteran outside linebacker.

    Earlier today Barnes tweeted, "Green and white it is... just want to thank coach rex coach DT and mr idzik for the opportunity.. and to the fans I won't let you down #jets." It seems Barnes was a bit too excited and jumped the gun as...


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    izdik is doing exactly what he said he would do 1st day he came here.. He is providing depth, something MT never cared for. And he is getting this guys at great value. MT overpayed for everyone.. Granted some of these guys have injury history, if they arent playing a ton there less likely to get hurt. This guy will be situational pass rusher, rex will know exactly how to use him. Barnes could have went to a better team, but chose Jets is interesting. D guys respect rex and still want to play for him..


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