Posted by Mike Florio on March 17, 2013, 8:10 PM EDT

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Tim Tebow technically remains the property of the Jets, in the same way that the bags of garbage in my garage technically remain my property. Eventually, both will be put out on the curb.

When that happens to Tebow, another team will play the role of the dude who rolls by in a pickup truck looking for free stuff that someone else is throwing away.

The Arena Football League’s Orlando Predators would be that dude.

“Tim would certainly want to first exhaust his opportunities in the NFL, but we’d love to have him,” Predators president Brett Bouchy told the Orlando Sentinel, via “I think he would definitely improve as a quarterback in our league. Kurt Warner told me once that when he got back to the NFL after playing in the Arena League, the NFL game was like slow motion. Everything in the Arena League is just so much faster and quicker and predicated on accuracy. Whenever Tim is willing, we have a contract waiting for him to sign.”

The fact that the indoor game is “predicated on accuracy” could be a problem for Tebow. He won’t magically acquire something he doesn’t currently have, simply because he’ll be playing at a level of the sport that supposedly places a premium on accuracy.

But he may not have many/any other options. The Jets would like to trade him, but there has been no buzz about any other team being remotely interested in acquiring Tebow. After he’s inevitably cut, the question will become whether someone else will give him a chance — even if his role would only be scout-team read option specialist.