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Thread: Tiger going Downhill on Vonn

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    Tiger going Downhill on Vonn

    This ranks up there in the "who gives a f... dept", but, I cant help but wonder what tiger is thinking?? Guy can get any girl he wants, yet settles on this??

    Look at her noggin', it's massive. Must have some Gazoo in her family history?

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    Why not, Vonn knows what a guy needs she is one isn't he?

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    I would bang Vonn, but forget about a relationship. If I had Tiger's celebrity and wealth, there would not be a modeling agency on Earth
    which would not appear on my speed dial.

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    She'.s prolly into his kinky sh!t

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    Did Tiger. somewhat recently, try to reconcile with his wife and offer her an obscene amount of money for a prenup in the event he cheats on her?

    Or did I just read that in the National Enquirer whilst waiting on the checkout line?

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    Maybe he likes her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    Did Tiger. somewhat recently

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    In the last shot she looks a little like Sharon Stone pre-insanity.

    You'd think he could do better, but she's not bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenWave View Post
    In the last shot she looks a little like Sharon Stone pre-insanity.

    You'd think he could do better, but she's not bad.
    I think if Vonn catches him cheating, he will long for the days where his wife beat him with a Golf club. Timmmy was right when we first discussed her, she has the crazy eyes. And that head....Its still growing, no?

    The weight of it may have contributed to her crash.

    I did find her kinda hot at one time....weird.


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    You can say going downhill with Vonn about Tiger again!

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    Yeah...this will last....right up until she flips out and he wakes up with a ski pole buried in his crotch.


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