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Thread: Idzik Shows Jets are in Charge

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    Quote Originally Posted by augustiniak View Post
    i think there are more teams. i still think SF is a major player. they just lost goldson (sp), and they got torched by flacco in the supe. and they have too many picks to use. but the moment multiple teams officially enter the revis sweepstakes, the price goes up. so i think teams are waiting around, testing idzik to see if he makes a panic move.
    I'm not so sure about San Fran anymore. They only have around 5 million in cap room right now and down the road will have to pay Kaepernick and Aldon Smith in the next year or so. They can cut Justin Smith this year and save 8 million, and he is not under contract next year.

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    I don't know why we want extra picks this year. It's clear next year is when we want high picks to make a move. Revis has incentive to perform at a high level out of the gate. Let him prove his worth and unload him during the season for picks next year when there might actually be a franchise QB on the board.

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    I think, when the dust settles, this draft class will not end up being one of the weaker of the last 10 years. There's some quality guys in there, no doubt, but not as strong as we've seen.

    Especially at the one position Jets need more than anything else.

    So I think Izdik's approach here is solid. 2014 might be the ideal draft to get a 1st rounder in exchange for Revis.

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    June 1 is a ticking explosive device

    Why give the Bucs or any other team Revis for 2013 without anything in return in 2013. I want a deal similar to the Harvin trade (3 picks)
    I am holding firm till draft day to get something along
    2013 #1
    2103 # 6 or #7
    2014 Conditional pick

    2014 #1
    2013 #3
    2013 #6 or #7

    I need these new draft pick to get their NFL experience ASAP back loading picks for next year impedes the rebuilding process. Tanny left some transgender deal for the Jets with the Revis contract he packaged. We get it coming and going. June 1 is a ticking explosive device as the Jets get stuck with 2014 $9 million cap charge and no Revis.


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