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Thread: Jets Tweets & Info 03/20

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    I don't watch college much, so I can't speak for Austin. But the way some of you are talking about him it reminds me of Reggie Bush. (I know it's RB vs. WR, but the "explosive" comments seem the same).

    Bush is a decent player, but not the game-changer many thought he would be. Any reason to think Austin would do better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollywoodjet View Post
    Tavon Austin I think is worth the Pick... The guy has Elite Elusivness and Quick Feet even at 5-8 175 pounds nobody puts a Clean hit on Him ...
    They will in the nfl!!! Look how hard McCluster 5'8 170 has it. I cant even find McCluster on the chiefs depth chart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by augustiniak View Post
    for some reason, there's a perception that the risk of a bust wr with guys like patterson and austin is significantly higher than with guys like mingo and anzah. and since rex arrived there's been a change not only on the jets but with a substantial portion of the fanbase, to emphasize defense over offense. in the 80s the jets had great skill players and were always fun to watch. somewhere after keyshawn was picked the FO dropped the ball. many fans on this board, it seems, would rather keep trying to have a great pass rusher than keep trying to get guys who can score.

    it's clear the jets are in full rebuilding mode. and they won't be a real threat until they upgrade the qb position. but even die hard, long time fans are losing patience with this organization. not merely because they stink, but because the product on the field is so boring. idzik faces numerous hurdles, one of which is fielding a reasonably entertaining product to entice people to come see the team. last year's offense was unwatchable. there was noone who was enjoyable to watch on offense except kerley. this must change. at some point the jets are going to have to invest first rounders on offensive skill positions.
    Agreed. Well said.


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