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Thread: My very first Jets Mock

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    If we draft a midget wr in round one followed by a bust qb in round 2....I give up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBAKE View Post
    If we draft a midget wr in round one followed by a bust qb in round 2....I give up.
    The Austin believers like myself are only looking at him if we end up with 2
    First round picks with a Revis trade.
    Jordan or jones at 9
    Austin at 13 with a Bucs trade

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    Quote Originally Posted by JStokes View Post
    As dynamic as everyone says Austin is, I'll vomit if we take him at 9.
    The madness needs to stop.

    We need to build a massive OLine and a pass rush.

    How about we try to find a dynamic playmaker in rounds 4-7 and we pick studs in rounds 1-3.

    Why don't we draft a dynamic playmakers on both sides of the ball in rounds 1-3 and fill the OL holes later?

    There's no right answer.

    As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather take a shot at a game breaking WR at 9 than a RG.

    I don't necessarily want Austin there, but I'd support the pick if Idzik and the scouts are convinced. I would certainly accept it easier than if they took a guard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    @seniorbowl: @seniorbowl evolution of NFL continues with new safety rules. Athletes with ability to play in "space" are at a premium now and in future.
    That spells Dion Jordon to me Cmart

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    We need a qb killer that does the core function of an OLB and excels at it. No one's better at that than Jarvis Jones


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