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Thread: Compensatory picks....apparently they will come in the 2014 draft.

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    Post Compensatory picks....apparently they will come in the 2014 draft.

    I was expecting the Jets to get a few compensatory picks in the draft this year with all of the free agent defections we have had, imagine my surprise when I found out we didn't get any.

    Apparently, unbeknownst to me, the players that left this off-season will actually be factored into the compensatory picks issued in the 2014 draft. I ran across an article in the NY Post that touched on it. Paragraph from the article and link below:

    That could lead to coach Rex Ryan getting fired and quarterback Mark Sanchez getting jettisoned. If the Jets stockpile picks in the 2014 Draft they can draft a quarterback and address the number of other needs they will have. The team should get a few compensatory picks next year after allowing free agents Mike DeVito, Shonn Greeene, LaRon Landry, Dustin Keller and Yeremiah Bell to leave already and more likely to leave.
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    You don't get them until the following year, as free agency is still ongoing. Comp picks are awarded based on the net difference between losses and gains, and influenced to a degree by how the players you lose perform for their next team. So they can't be worked out till the following year.

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