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Thread: Renfree in the 6th?

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    Renfree in the 6th?

    I am excited about the Geno Smith trade, but I was thinking that despite 5 or 6QBs on the roster we have no depth

    Geno will be asked to do some read option, and definitely pistol, so injury is always a concern.

    Seems to me Sanchez will be released, Garard unlikely to be healthy, Simms a camp arm, Tebow should go and McElroy is a solid 3rd stringer.

    So we still at the end of the day may have a need for backup QB. I say we take a page from the Washington book and draft Renfree in the 6th. It creates more true competition, completely overhauls the QB position, and creates some solid depth with Geno, Renfree and McElroy

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    I wouldn't be against it

    Really like Renfree

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    Really? We have plenty to choose from right now. If the Jets selected another QB that would be ridiculous. Besides, Geno won't be running as much as you think. We still have McElroy in the case that Sanchez gets released, and he's better than Renfree right now. Can't just keep grabbing QBs right now we need skill position athletes. Remember we did find Jeremy Kerley in the 6th round so there is usually talent available.

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    To many other needs to pick a second QB, IMO.

    Give me an OLB, TE, WR, S rather than another QB.


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