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Thread: Possibilities at no. 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    That's exactly what Ellis is. He's a mediocre NT and could end up being a decent 4-3 DT. Coples wasn't middle of the road as a DE he had 7.5 sacks that season while supposedly taking off entire games in college because he wanted to preserve his health. 4-3 linebackers are easy to draft you can get them in the middle rounds of the draft where guys like Khaseem Greene and Kevin Reddick will be available and are pretty safe picks.

    Look at the teams that beat Cindy and the Pasts. Giants and Ravens. They both have great D-lines that get push up front thanks to beasts like Ngata and JPP.

    If the Jets pass on Star who is a sure thing and a beast to go after a far riskier OLB I'm gonna sh*t.
    2 years in you're gonna write off Ellis? Be my guest. I am not gonna guarantee success, but sometimes you have to wait out guys who have been sitting in the wings. There is no one in the wings at DE/OLB.

    As for Coples we'll have to agree to disagree. He doesn't show me the speed to beat tackles around the edge and be that monster pass rusher. However, as a 3-4 DE he can use his power and quickness to maul past guards and collapse the pocket. If you feel otherwise I can respect that. I know others on this site can tend to either see it as you agree or you are an idiot. I don't think that's the case here at all, just a difference on how we view a key player and overall team building strategy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetster View Post
    I thought Mayssonet was from Riverhead, I know he played his High School ball at Riverhead High School?
    Yeah i mean he played Hig School ball in Riverhead but played at my college and I thought that was pretty cool...I am a lacrosse guy so we get some good players i have played with play lax but never football i thought it was cool


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