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Thread: John Idzik's Patience is Killing Me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    Sanchez and Teblow are both equally moot for this season.

    Garrard will be the starting QB with McElroy the backup

    Sanchez will be the number 3 unless he shows Morningwheg that he can occasionally find the right color jerseys and lose the confused hangdog look. If that happens he can backup Garrard before he is released at seasons end

    Thankfully that POS Teblow won't be part of any Jet discussion after about.2 more weeks at most
    Sanchez is starting until at least week 12. Id guess the entire season.
    It will make it easiest for the 2014 purging. No way that salary rides pine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage69 View Post
    March 29th, 2013

    We asked Jets Nation’s Brian Custer what he thought the best Jets off-season move was. Here is his response…

    To me, John Idzik is their best off-season signing.

    The guys that he’s brought in have that Seattle-mentality. ‘Churn and burn’ type guys, or guys who might be coming off injuries and may be cheap. They can get them in there and they can perform for them, and you can build from there.

    At least now you’re going to have a GM in there who is going to replenish the cupboard. And then, more importantly, is going to have some financial restraint to get this organization back where it needs to be.

    Mike Tannenbaum was just giving out so many big contracts, which is why they’re in the situation they’re in. Tannenbaum was going after some of these guys — high priced free agents at the ends of their careers — which hurts you financially. Idzik isn’t going to do that.

    He’s going to promote competition, which they need. They need to keep guys on their toes, they need to keep the guys looking over their shoulders saying, ‘I need to be on my best, every day.’ They need to get younger.

    And you have to that and still have some financial restraints. The Jets need to get to where when they need a guy, you say ‘OK, we have the money to do it.’
    Thank you for this terrific post!!!!!

    But then again everyone keeps saying this is what Tanny would have done!!!


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