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Thread: Wow - a positive article about our Jets!

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    Anyone penciling in Holmes for an automatic 1st game start and a 1000 yd season next yr needs a reality check....

    Holmes is coming off a SERIOUS injury for a WR, and nothing re: him is guaranteed for next season especially..hell, I would have rathered he tore his ACL than have his LisFranc injury.

    It's 50:50 that he's ready for the start of the season IMO, and even then maybe 50:50 that he returns at pre-injury form.

    Holmes recovery from his injury isn't any more certain than Hill's chances of developing hands. We need WR help badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY's stepchild View Post
    I think Holmes was really the catalyst of Sanchez' decline. If you think back it was week 4 when Holmes came back that Sanchez started to steadily lose his mojo. However, I can blame Shotty, Tanny, and Rex for allowing that to happen. Once Braylon(Sanchez' biggest defender, as seen in his tweets from Seattle) left, and Santonio got his big contract the problem intensified exponentially. Still Santonio is a great player if he's kept in check by a more dominant persona. I'm hoping Idzik(forced restructure), and MM will provide that. If Sanchez starts I hope we bring back Edwards as well. He is a great ego boost for Sanchez. I wish Sanchez could tell him to STFU himself, but sadly that is less likely than Revis taking a reasonable contract.
    Just a Great Sound Post IMO!!!!!!

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    I really don't think the defense was that good last year...sure as an average is a top 6 defense ..but that's cause it played great against Jacksonville..rams..bills,cardinals.....and one good team the Texans, against good team defense was really bad least I think so

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    Great read. I think he brought a real honest look at the jets. I agree this isn't the year to fix the qb position. Rather draft next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadianjetsfan View Post
    Yup, the tide seems to be turning. Still, the future of this team’s success will come down to Idzik’s draft selections.
    We shouldn’t expect much for 2013. I for one will be satisfied simply to see a team compete as hard as they can each and every play.
    Rex will have his hands full in getting this team to buy what he’s selling...
    Debatable. There are a lot of young guys on the team, and many starting positions open on defense. If it will get them into one of those roles, I think they'll buy in to what he's saying. Especially if they're competing to keep that role every week. That bodes well for Rex, I think.

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    Defense will not be good, especially if they trade Revis. Linebacking is real thin, besides Cromartie, the secondary is thin. Only fun thing is to see what Rex Ryan can do with average personal on defense. I think Rex is way over-rated as a defensive coach.

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    Couple thoughts:

    1. Santonio Holmes will boost the passing attack???? He had a bad injury and also has a bad attitude. He can change but I'm not convinced.

    2. Landry had a decline year???? I thought he did pretty well.

    3. I agree a lot of teams a team you write off ends up making the playoffs. Look at us in 2009. We dropped 5 of our last 6 in 2008 and people were down on the team.

    4. I think Rex can still run a pretty good defense but they will need help at the safety position for sure.

    5. I agree Shoon Greene leaving won't hurt us.

    6. We still need a lot of OL help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jets337 View Post
    Couple thoughts:
    2. Landry had a decline year???? I thought he did pretty well.

    He missed a lot of tackles and didn't cover very well--he always had a reputation for being stronger on the run than the pass. According to Pro Football Focus, opposing quarterbacks had an average rating of 97.5 when they threw into his coverage area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage69 View Post
    Thanks to McElroy..
    McElroy scored 7 points in that game. The defense held the opposing teams to 6.

    If the Jets hold teams to 6 points every week, it won't matter who the QB is.

    If the Jets only score 7 points every week, 0-16 here we come.

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    Certainly can't be worse on O



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