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Thread: What kind of player is Barnes?

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    A pass rushing specialist who will probably be on the field for 25-30 snaps a game

    He will be much better than Bryan Thomas coming off the edge.

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    add that with rex calling plays on defense....thats scary.....scary good. Barnes is def a baller.

    Quote Originally Posted by FijiJet View Post
    Mostly a situational type passrusher given his compact size. But with the Titans of NY upfront - Wilks, Coples n Ellis doing th heavy lifting he'll be doing sum damage.
    Remember this dude once had 12 sacks a season IIRC, recently n that ws without guys like the above in front of him.
    Now if u put sum1 like JJones on th other side, how on earth will teams stop all our dudes from molesting th qb?

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    Not sure I buy that he can't play on first down or that he'd be that big of a liability against the run.

    Did you guys see our run defense last year with "big" LBs like Pace, Scott, BT, McIntyre, Harris, etc.? We got smoked on the edges and none of those guy could cover anyway.

    I'll take my chances getting younger, smaller, and faster.


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