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Thread: (unofficial) Yankees vs. Redsox Gameday Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker134 View Post
    DONE with vitriol....simple truth is life's too short. I love my Jets/Mets/Islanders and enjoy rooting against their rivals, but hate's takin a backseat..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster View Post
    I pray to all the gods that you are right but we are only 2 games in to the season and Iím positive the Yankees will make the playoffs. Again.
    Again....why does this bother you so much?

    By the way, I totally disagree, I think the Yanks are at an organizational crossroads and will not make the is what it is.

    The ebb and flow of baseball. The Steinbrenners are disinterested, Cashman is predictable and tired...I bet we see the last of Jeter, Mo and Andy..that whole core four nonsense put to bed once and for all...

    They had a good run, need a major enema and re-tooling organizationally....

    Wouldnt mind at all if it followed the Mets script of relying on youngins and seeing what they got. Heck, I would gladly trade Cano for younger talent...rather than watching him disinterested (except for WBC appearances ) on mediocre teams.

    Giving him that fat contract he's due aint helping us in the short run.



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