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Thread: Yella Iron fans in heah?

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    Yella Iron fans in heah?

    looky; heah's a thread on a decision; sounds like they do a lot of thinknig in that forum.

    This guy sounds like he knows what's up:

    We have an old 6 yard we pull for ditch maintenance. I have used it behind our 7110 case, 130HP. In Clay I found that it would run out of traction even with duals much before the bowl was completely full. Probably only getting 5 yards. Better loading down hill. In top soil it would still power out. Always found the 245hp front wheel assist did a much better job, getting the bowl full. If you get a little greedy and try cutting to deep it would still stop the tractor. I imagine if you had some way of push loading things would go along much easier.

    Too bad; the OP says he's sorry he has this old problem; nothing new to share....and he thinks all the answers suck.

    Thanks for the replies guys. We have talked before on this project and it really seems like trying to travel that far with the D7 is just going to be murder on the UC and since I do not have a pan for it anyway and an open pans about the same as a older CAT motor scraper, that might still be the way to go. Hell, I have seen 613s go for 3500 bucks. I really want a bigger machine though. I was targeting a paddle scraper simply because they take less power and I don't have an operator to push me with the D7 (or too cheap to pay someone).

    In looking at weights and such, I tend to think these ag tractors might be a bit light on the build compared to real construction heavy equipment. Also, without a powershift trans, I am pretty sure this project would suck with the ag tractor. If I could get my haul volume up to about 20yds, the time sure looks better. Around 10yds and we are looking at weeks....

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    Those are some real men in there.

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    Pfffft. GMCJets would set those guys straight right quick.


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