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Thread: How Does Rex Ryan Keep His Job?

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    The previous year the Jets were sitting at 8-3 and in control of the AFC until Brett Favre got injured and ended our season. Prior to that, the Jets were on a 15 year run of averaging 9 wins a season with a healthy quarterback. The Jets were a very good roster, had been that way since 1998. Top 5 offensive line, Hall of Fame running back, great secondary. Rex pushed them into the playoffs (great) but his four years of player personnel influenced has returned us to the abyss (bad).

    Rex Ryan's epitaph when he's done in New York a year from now will be:

    1. He blew back-to-back AFC Championship Games because his teams were unprepared.

    2. His one-dimensional focus on defense and blind loyalty to old players wiped out all skill players on both sides of the ball.

    3. His lack of development of the young players that he drafted set the franchise back 5 years with a dysfunctional roster that doesn't stand for anything and isn't capable of beating winning teams.

    SAR I
    1. While Sanchez played "better" in both post seasons overall, he did very bad in at least 1 half of both afc championships.. the 2nd half of 09 couldn't drive the O to any TD scores, terrible decisions and poor throws.. he was just awful against a team that was driven by Offense, not strong on D. 1st half of Pitt terrible! the only points he scored were for Pitt, holding on ball too long when he should have known pressure was coming fumbling the ball that was returned for a TD.

    2. How did he "wipe out all skill players"? every player on O looks terrible when mark sanchez is your qb.. on D too?? wasn't the D ranked 1 and 3 in 09, 10?

    3. players "he drafted" Wow when did Rex become the GM? Sure Rex has opinions, but is not the GM. If you recall Rex said he admitted he would not have taken Stephen hill in the 2nd rd last yr, I agree wasn't worth the trade up. But that was MT, always trade up lose picks who cares.. That's why we had no depth, MT did not care about depth..

    Jets were 8-3 with a healthy Brett Farve, then were bad.. That same team was better next year because of Rex, because he had to endure terrible play from Mark Sanchez, who looked worse than a hurt brett farve yet jets did not tank in 09 like they did in 08. If we had Farve healthy in 09, or Farve in2010 when he almost won MVP, the Jets would have won at least 1 of those superbowls.. Sanchez has proven you cant win a superbowl with a terrible qb..

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    The Jets in 2008 were terrible after Kris Jenkins suffered a back injury and was ineffective for the rest of the season. He was getting pushed around by guys 70 pounds lighter than him. Meanwhile, Sione Pouha and Mike DeVito barely saw playing time.

    In 2009, Kris Jenkins was excellent, but only for 6 games. Tore his ACL and was out for the remainder of the season. Rex coached up Pouha and DeVito and the Jets D looked almost as good as with big Jenk.

    SAR likes to revise history to suit his argument, but any normal thinking person knows better.


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