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Thread: Shefter: Falcons are signing LB Brian Banks

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    Quote Originally Posted by FijiJet View Post
    Amen brother. That's fo sho

    Anyway, what on earth are you listening to hood rat Rihanna for , when you got the Iron Maidens Up the Irons!!
    Haha nah man, never that. She's just thrown all over our face (undeservedly, I might add), their story is always somewhere, you just can't escape it lol. Besides knowing about their trivial garbage just helped me make a valid point on JI, so I guess it pays off

    Up the Irons!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Down, Set, Haiku View Post
    Yes I did. What's wrong about it? I never said he was justified in doing what he did, he was clearly wrong, but that's the reality of the situation. The media tries to make you believe she's a damsel in distress and Chris is some horrifying dragon who's got some type of Svengali-like hold on her. My response to them? Gimme a break with your slanted coverage that the naive take as gospel. If you think chicks like Rhianna (I grew up around myriad of them) are looking for a nice, sweet, quiet man who's got no thug in him, bro think again. And hood-rat tendencies (which she has plenty of) tend to mean the girl displaying them is a hood-rat.

    Thus why Banks' accuser isn't being run through the ringer by the media.
    So in other words, the b!tch was asking for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDJETS View Post
    So in other words, the b!tch was asking for it?
    Given that I've read many times and heard from friends of mine in the industry about her volatile temper and that she's assaulted others (including smashing a glass on her brother's face), it was only a matter of time before she ran into someone who would take offense to her actions. Now add that in with her dating a hot head, and you can see the logical chain that occurs.

    Not saying it's right, just saying if you mix two volatile elements together, volatile events tend to happen.

    Also, if he were to physically assault her again, and given that she chose to get back with him after the first incident, would she be deserved of any sympathy? I'm sorry but I don't think so.
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