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Thread: Hong Kong/London in a week

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigragu View Post
    Pm me if you need a ride to the airport.
    I thought he was taking a bus?

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    Ruby I used to live in HK for a bit and have lots of friends there still. I'd introduce you but afraid you'll just embarrass yourself and me. Just kidding. Will pm you this weekend with some places to go and some friends numbers to bring you out if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruby2 View Post
    Any suggestions???

    Will be in Hong Kong for 6 days, London for 3.

    Anyone know a good bar in London to catch the NFL draft?
    The draft will be about 1 or 2am London time and although there are some good sports bars that may be open your best bet is to take a laptop or iPad and get a one off subscription to NFL GAMEPASS and watch it live online.Jets pick/picks not likely before 3 or 4am.

    I spend a lot of time in London so I can recommend any number of things to do.Only 3 days so you'll only scratch the surface.

    Are you there over the weekend?if so and there are 'wimmin' involved then there may be shopping on the cards....go to Kensington High Street for a lazy Sunday morning shop or either of the Westfield Centres in Shepherds Bush(easy bus access from Kensington)or at Stratford by the Olympic Park.If the laydees are shopping that frees you up for either Premiership football or rugby.Can recommend a bunch of good restaurants and pubs too so drop me a pm or let me know what you want to know

    Have a great time


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