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Thread: Drafting Star vs an OLB at #9 (or #13)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinstar View Post
    At 9 and 13, if the Jets come away with 2 players from this group i am smiling.

    Dion Jordan
    Ezekiel Ansah
    Star Lotulelei
    Jonathon Cooper and u on same page with this draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinstar View Post
    AT 9 there's probably only 3 guys who won't come with a Question mark.


    I can see taking Star.
    I can even see taking Jonathon because of his versatility at OG and Center
    I can't see taking Chance.

    We can probably get Jonathon Cooper at 13. I want a game changer at 9. No QB or RB exist, so it has to be a defender.
    My thinking exactly.

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    Ofcourse you take Star. Even with the bs heart condition that turned out not to be a big deal he's still the best prospect in this draft he's a Haloti Ngata clone. If I'm KC at #1 I take Star and line him up next to Dontari Poe.


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