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Thread: Building a Suggestion Box...and suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chesapeakejet View Post
    I have experience with this, but don't ask me b/c of issues I had with presentation.

    Many moons ago, my wife was in grad school and needed a lock box for a hospital waiting room It was being used to gather survey results from the significant others of the dead and dying.

    Like a good hubby I volunteered to make her one. When it came to painting the box, I used the color of which I had the most. I didn't even make the connection to her survey subject and me painting the box black.


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    dickslapped by Caltron and Fenway Fattie. oh my
    Quiet you

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    I'm just looking to gather allies for the impending doom that is sure to fall upon the hampur. In that day there will be many scattered about fighting amongst themselves. That is when the allied forces will be feared, not jested.


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