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Thread: Guess who's announcing the 2nd round pick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10PennyToColes87 View Post
    Adam Archuleta wasn't too bad of a player.
    He was a safety. There are plenty of white safeties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage69 View Post
    A few said we only loved him because he was white.. To some W/R isn't a white position as even many white fans agree with like CB,safety,rb etc
    Were those few black?

    Wayne was an everyman that did things on the field that defied his size, speed and athleticism.

    I don't know about anyone else, but the reason I loved watching him play was because I couldn't believe he was doing what he was doing.

    And then there was the Flashlight Bowl. That was pure bliss, watching Wayne burn a Tampa safety for the game winning TD, then seeing the look of disbelief on Key's face. After he produced one catch for one yard.

    Then dumba$$ Herm came in and a year later brought the Tampa safety Wayne burned with him.

    Jets luck. Never fails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LockeJET View Post
    He was a safety. There are plenty of white safeties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Met57 View Post
    are there good white corners in the NFL? i honestly cant think of any ourside of Jason Seahorn once upon a time/pre injury.
    Don Boyd Odegard - should have been a Pro-Bowler, but was driven out of the league due to the anti-white CB basis.

    Well, that and the fact that he was terrible.

    Jason Seahorn is the only semi-recent one I can remember. And Scott Case in Atlanta, who started out as a pretty good CB before moving to S later in his career.

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    With the second pick in the 2013 draft, The New York Jets pick wide receiver, Texas A&M - Ryan Swope!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamont_jordan_rules View Post
    Awesome news!
    A true gentlemen & class act. He came up to me & we talked. He asked me if I wanted his signature & I had forgotten I had on his jersey! Great guy...we should make him a part of the Jets family. HEART of a line!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman Harris View Post
    I wish he'd announce ALL of the JETS picks!
    I wish he would actually pick them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by section314 View Post
    I wish he would actually pick them.
    Agreed we need guys like him on our team!


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