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Thread: Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft

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    Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft

    Moved: Sal Paolantonio top 5 immediate impact draft prospects

    Moved: NFP: Studying the draft record of NFL Teams

    Come on guys, I know you want to support the draft forum but jeez... Some of us don't follow college football and it's nice to get a little news or insight without having to go to the depth that the other forum does.

    What are the rules anyway? Mention the "D" word and you are moved? I mean the above threads are hardly in-depth discussions...

    It's your site and all but I thought maybe you might want to hear how some of your members feel before just declaring an all out moritorium on the subject.

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    The landing strip is about how bad Tebow, Sanchez, and Rex are. Maybe it's for talking about how wonderful Belicheck is, or trading Revis, but not if you want to talk, about what draft picks you might get for him. Let's talk about next week's game, and not worry about the draft which is in the offseason. We'll talk only about current events here.

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    They are no longer forcing everyone to the draftinsider website. Rather, they are requesting we post the draft related threads in the draft section which it literally an inch above the Strip.

    This changed a few months ago and was announced by Sooth.

    Other than that, great thread.
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    Mods, please move this to the draft forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sourceworx View Post
    Mods, please move this to the draft forum.

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    Dump Dump Dump Dump Dump Dump Dump


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