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Thread: Why Should I Even Bother Watching the Games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    These people who are so smart and know everything are telling me the Yankees will be lucky to win 75 games this year and the Jets will be lucky to win 5 next season. The Jets have actually made some decent moves this off-season, Idzik clearly has a plan and so far a pretty good one, yet why even bother I mean Tom Brady with no Welker and Gronk is going 16-0 and we'll be 3-9 once we play the last 4 winnable games of the season.

    How's Toronto doing?
    WHy watch? Because its football, great action, TV coverage, games moves fast, not a bad way to spend a SUnday and if TTM is quarterback.... it is great comedy, on par with THe Big Bang Theory!

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    Whats funny the nfl changes so much from year to year i dont put much stock in these predictions.

    Thats why the games are played on the field not on paper . If that was case how did the niners lose the SB they clearly they where the best team on paper,

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    Our 2013 opponents are a mixture of teams guaranteed to kick our ass and a bunch of teams we're going to have to play our best to beat. I'm not that optimistic.

    Sunday, Sept. 8: Jets vs. Buccaneers WIN
    Thursday, Sept. 12 at Patriots (prime time game) LOSS
    Sunday, Sept. 22 vs. Bills I HOPE A WIN
    Sunday, Sept. 29 at Titans I HOPE A WIN
    Monday, Oct. 7 at Falcons (Monday Night game) LOSS
    Sunday, Oct. 13 vs. Steelers NOT SURE
    Sunday, Oct. 20 vs. Patriots HUMILIATING LOSS
    Sunday, Oct. 27 at Bengals LOSS
    Sunday, Nov. 3 vs. Saints LOSS
    Sunday, Nov. 10 BYE
    Sunday, Nov. 17 at Bills HOPE WE WIN
    Sunday, Nov. 24 vs. Ravens LOSS
    Sunday, Dec. 1 vs. Dolphins LOSS
    Sunday, Dec. 8 vs. Raiders WIN
    Sunday, Dec. 15 at Panthers WIN
    Sunday, Dec. 22 vs. Browns WIN

    Sunday Dec. 29 at Dolphins LOSS

    If you start watching December 8th, and don't try to find out what our record is, you got a good month of Jets football

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    Quote Originally Posted by GetaLife View Post
    All I know is that opening day we will all be excited..

    and we will all have some form of hope no matter what kind of team we field..
    Ok.. since the thought police are speaking for me I will say that a majority of fans will be cautious in their excitement..

    Even though it is very unlikely if Sanchez is the starting qb on opening day you can only hope that somehow.. some way .. it will lurch into gear.. Hoping against hope is all you have sometimes but it is still hope..

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    Because you're a Jets fan and with that tag you're already a martyr so why not watch?

    It's a rebuilding year. These things do happen. Deal with it.

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    I'm trying to figure out who the Jets lost of any significance?
    I'm not trying to be divisive.
    Bart Scott? Old & slow, has not had anyone interested this off season
    Bryan Thomas? Old, slow & beat up another guy that needed to be put out to pasture.
    Eric Smith? Really, really, there isn't a Jet fan alive that didn't want to kill him with their bare hands.
    Moore? The guy has gotten worse over the last 2 years & injuries really slowed him down.
    Slausen? The definition of a Jag guard!
    Revis? We didn't have him all year anyway.

    I believe that with the chance of having 10 picks in this upcoming draft, we can turn this thing around very quickly, it happens all the time in this league.
    We already have gone from Shonn Greene to Goodsen, Powell & quite likely Ivory. That alone is a huge upgrade as far as I'm concerned & I will guarantee right now that we have a lot more runs of 20 yards or more in 2013.
    People are already penciling in a loss at home to the Saints?
    The Saints that couldn't hold a runner under 200 yards.
    Control the ball, make a few stops, win the game.
    Way too much can happen from now until our 1st game to be so pessimistic.
    Can't wait or the draft!

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    Our best years have come when expectations were at their lowest.
    Truth is, things aint so bad. Defense is there. Just fix the running game and Sanchez will look a lot better.


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