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Thread: Goose bumps everytime i watch this! Go Jets

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    I was at that game. End Zone seats. The floor was bouncing up and down. It was a great time to be a Jet fan. Up and coming team. That was our stadium - it was our home. I would take the train in from Huntington to Woodside and from Woodside to Shea. Games like this is why I will always be a Jet Fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankeejet22 View Post
    No. They lost in a heartbreaker vs the Bills.
    Same play that won this game (TE over the middle). In the Bills game it got picked

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    I was visiting my friend at Lehigh; we got pizza. Excited to see #24. Winning streak.

    I hate seeing Joe Walton standing next to Walt Michaels. As nice a man as Walton is, he'll always look like the sneaky usurper; pushing Michaels (and the JETS) out of a moving train.

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    Pre Ken OBrien era ... Just before I got hardcore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcat View Post
    What absurd revisionist history!

    It was "ours"? BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    It belonged to the NY Mets, who would not let the Jets play a home game until early October after baseball season. Not only that, but the team couldn't practice there and we fans were not allowed to tailgate. The Jets were treated like complete dogshiit by the Mets, Ed Koch and everyone associated with Shea Stadium.
    If my memory serves me correctly, the jets had opened the season at Shea on many occasions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsfanfromtheBURGH View Post
    If my memory serves me correctly, the jets had opened the season at Shea on many occasions.
    Through the mid-70s, they typically opened with at least two or three road games. Late 70s and 80s the schedule became more balanced, but prior to that, they usually did not play a home game until October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkwayjet1 View Post
    I was there.Sitting in end zone seats, and the TD pass came right at me. The lower level stands then were temporary, and when the catch was made and the stadium erupted, my section was literally bouncing up and down.

    Easily one of the Top 5 games I ever attended.

    My seats since 71. Those portable metal seats ,man we froze . Great season and fun times. My dad started me out and we still go,I bring him a wheel chair. He curses the team out but their isn't a bigger fan. What a ride 40+ years. Wow.

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    What about Johny "Lam" Jones

    I watched the whole game and #80 didn't earn his "lame" name in that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetman in indy View Post

    I remember watching this game and it was so good to find it on the net. The last one minute is electrifying! Pump up the volume on the crowd at Shea the last minute of the game. I have to admit I got choked up the first time I played it after all of these
    Awesome find!

    Gets me pumped up watching that last drive again...The '81 Jets were good enough to win a Super Bowl, as usual everything fell apart at the end


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