The new CBA has changed everything we knew about the draft.
Value, Value, Value, that's all I keep reading.
If Eifert is the guy you want at 13 your gonna worry about value?
Austin at 9?
What the hell is the difference if you want Austin @ 9, and you pass because its too early & someone takes him at 11?
What do we care about a bunch of talking heads talking value.
Every single player in the 1st round mocks is probably going somewhere in the 1st other than the QBs which are total ? Marks.
If Idzik loves Warmack, or Austin, or Eifert, do you think for one second he's thinking, "well, it's really not good value at 9 or 13"?
Hell no!
The only thing he is sure of is that they have great enough value that there isn't a chance in hell that they will be there when we pick at 39.
If you like a player, you take him, bottom line.