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Thread: What if the Jets traded both picks to get Geno Smith

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-E-F-F View Post
    This is not a commentary on Geno Smith specifically, but the Jets would be tremendous idiots if they draft a QB this week.

    Since Rex (and therefore, by extension, Marty Mornhinweg) are unlikely to be back in 2014, what sense would there be in saddling the next coaching staff with a quarterback they may or may not like.

    Look at the Eagles, for instance. They drafted Nick Foles last year to be their quarterback of the future. They fired Andy Reid (and therefore, by extension, Marty Mornhinweg), and now Chip Kelly is in charge. Foles is an extremely poor fit for Kelly's offense. Eventually, the Eagles will have to trade him, probably for 50 cents on the dollar.
    I AGREE 100%....why would we set up a new QB to just learn when Sanchez needs a RB and some lione Help and a playmaker... Whose to say he cant thrive in this system and now we have 2 picks in the first round and our other picks we will deff have a better year just by Idzizk making the calls and Rex taking the D to where he wants it to be ....Sanchez isnt bad ...I say Dion Jordan or Milliner and a Tayvon ausstin if hes still there and we would be in good shape....I am Excited now...Loved Revis but hes coming off a big injury and was a primodonna and wanted everything he covered one side of the field Crowe did fine and we need another guy and rushers we will be good and make the Push this year with young guys and some older ones teaching them the ropes I think we will be in good shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Long Suffering Jets Fan View Post
    What would your reaction be?
    I look forward to your next thread, "What would you do if Katy Perry had sex with you?"

    Same odds of happening.

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    god NO

    we already have our full share of crappy quarterbacks with the TTM and Teblow

    let David Garrard start in 2013 and let's build a team with those two first round picks and the full complement of additional precious draft pick assets for the I-man to work with


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