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Thread: NBC sportscaster Al Michaels arrested on DUI

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    I laughed.

    But not outloud.
    thank you for your pity.

    now, kindly, GFY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32green View Post
    I dont think he is any more of a pontificator than us schmucks on this site.

    Boomer is paid to be opinionated, the difference is he is respectful and open-minded when callers disagree with him. I dont care if he doesnt change his mind, I only care that he has a fundamental respect for the opinions of others which I think he does.

    Guess we'll disagree on Boomer. I often hear him belittle Carton and callers who do not espouse his conservative viewpoint. Same when he's on the NFL Today , only with his cohorts.

    He also like to dismiss Carton and callers who have an opinion on the Jets or the NFL, as they do not understand the game, or its management and mechanics, as does he, a person who has played the game. Boomer is just like those here who start threads telling everyone that they are better able to analyze issues because they once rode the bench on a semi-pro team in Guam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtstar View Post
    Cop: Sir, what's in the bottle?

    Al Michaels: Oh, this? This is just water, officer.

    Cop: Let me see that... (grabs bottle, sniffs contents). This is wine!!

    Al Michaels: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?!!??



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