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Thread: Revis will have his work cut out for him now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    That was the game plan that game.
    Always a excuse for a fanboy favorite.. I can see Rex telling Revis let Steve get yeardage and score that's the plan..

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    Quote Originally Posted by GetaLife View Post
    He's not our worry anymore..

    I will say that it can be proven a disaster and bad move on our part in time..

    It's not like no player ever came back strong from this injury..

    In today's world it happens more often..

    And Revis is a superior athlete who keeps himself in superior shape..

    People seem to think he is "done" I don't think so at all...

    But on the Bucs side it works out as if he doesn't work out they can cut him..

    Can we do that with Mark Sanchez??
    I think Revis will be Revis again. I don't see how you pay ANY CORNERBACK 16 million a year. 5 million better than the next best corner.

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    Revis situation is much different than Petersons.
    As a RB you know where your going.
    As a DB, your REACTING to where someone else is going.
    Plus, his best year was 2009!
    Thats 4 years ago with him missing an entire year.
    He'll be good but he's stepping up in competition in that division!
    No more Fitzy, Fins schleps, & Brady throwing to (Welker) & a bunch of average receivers.


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