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Thread: Lets believe in Idzik

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    Lets believe in Idzik

    His franchise last year was murdered by draft analysts for taking Bruce Irvin at the middle of the first round,it turned out he was the best pass rusher in the draft.His franchise took argueably the best draft qb in the 3rd round.I am sure everyone expected the Hawks to advance to the divisional round of the playoffs? Who the hack knows what team we will have put together,maybe it will be just as good as seattle,because they didn't have that talent last year other than Lynch.Be patient and let him draft the 9 and 13 picks.I will say it again...each year there are 6 new playoff teams...maybe we will shock the world.

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    Drafting is not such a bad thing you know,that's how successful teams are built.There is a fundamental idea of getting good young players and surrounding them later on by free agents.But the callers calling into the radio stations...seem to be unaware or ignorant of that.They expected us to go spending like on a shopping spree just to appease the fan-base.People are freaken so impatient.


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