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Thread: 2014 is our year

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    please god NO cutler

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    No way the ravens tag Oher at 10mill to play RT, Neither will a 35 YO Justin Smith, With Kapernick going into his walk year.

    Victor Cruz, is a guy I can see the jets targeting or at least driving up the price on. Jacoby Jones is another

    Finley as a TE, who has experience in the same offense.
    Collin is not a FA till 2015. Smith is still playing light out. If he gets a one year deal next year that may actually be a bargain. Out side of maybe Perrish Cox who I think Revis just killed that option who else do you tag? Oher a low rist tag actually. He is currently making around 3 and is only 26. He will get at least 6 a year in FA. If he hasnt resigned a 9-10 tag if you plan on resigning him is no big deal. He will get a 5 year 30-35 mil deal easy. Much better OL then Albert in KC I expect him to get much the same treatment. Cruz signed his tenure and will likely get a new deal before the end of the year. I dont think the Giants pay both big money so Nicks is likely the big FA WR next year. Either way if we do go WR in the 1st 2 this year I dont think we will be in the FA market for one next.

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    Free agents are for holes on championship teams.

    Assuming in 2014 we draft a true non-USC franchise QB, wouldn't you rather have a roster for that QB like Luck did this year on Indy?

    I am not a buyer that young QBs are busts if they aren't amazing in their first year. They could just end up being terrible in their second season anyway (see Newton, Cam.)

    No, I'd rather the QB was given room to suck for at least the entire 4 year term of his rookie contract and not thrown into the fire like Buttchez was.

    And make no mistake about it, this is a long term plan. The only pick acceptable outside of a QB in round 1 of 2014 (assuming we will be awful enough to either move up into the top 5 or Idzik makes some good moves with the two #1's we have this year) would be Clowney.

    Milliner is kind of a wild card. He is a very, very good corner prospect. He could have extreme value to a team like San Fran or New England, who may potentially look to move up to pick him if he is there at #9. Those two teams, while assuming they wouldn't have very high first rounders next year, would yield a second first rounder next year, and possibly another 3rd or 4th rounder this year. This would be ideal. Milliner is the one guy I could see this happening with.

    This is very iffy though.

    Then with 2 firsts next year, you could potentially package those with a 2nd or 3rd in '14 to get up into the Lee/Clowney/Bridgewater/possibly Manziel/possibly Yeldon sweepstakes. Even if it costs you picks in 2015.

    The window for championships is dictated less and less by anything BUT your QB. You essentially have to get a Pro-Bowl/top 10 QB. Even if Flacco did just win a title, he would be the bare minimum of what is needed to win a Super Bowl.

    I am not against drafting Glennon, Wilson, Manuel, or Jones later in this year's draft. I just don't want to touch Smith and I will stop watching this team altogether if they draft Barkley.
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