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Thread: I really hope...

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    I really hope...

    We get Mingo 9, Warmack 13, Ertz 39... Or if EJ manuel falls down there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex Ryan View Post
    We get Mingo 9, Warmack 13, Ertz 39... Or if EJ manuel falls down there.
    I really hope u don't get ur wish.

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    I hope the Jets go Star at 9, Warmack at 13 and then trade up from 39 to the high 20's and draft Geno Smith.

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    Any way you look at it, we lost bodies up front on the D. Especially with Revis gone, we HAVE to do a better job of getting to the QB quicker/more consistently.

    The question is, do we take someone like Star, giving us a KILLER DL, so a later round OLB has an easier time getting to the backfield? Or do we shoot the moon with someone like Mingo and grab DL depth later on? Personally I like the former, but I'm about as far from a college scout as it gets, so I'll just sit back and watch how things unfold.

    I'm DEFINITELY not in the "go O just to go O" camp. I don't want a "non-elite" TE that early, regardless of how bad we need one. On the OL, I want Cooper the most because he can play all three interior positions, which I give more value to than a "super-mauler" like Warmack. I hear the WR value is in the later rounds, so I want nothing to do with a risk like Austin.

    "I really hope"
    -- we grab no more than ONE offensive player in the first round (assuming no trades)
    -- we go 2/2 on O/D with our first four picks (again, no trades)
    -- we walk away from this draft with a potential pass rusher, a safety, a WR, a TE and depth along both lines (willing to ride out the QB situation for a year unless there's a player that REALLY gets our attention/falls to us)

    Of course trades would make it easier to fill more holes -- I'm just afraid this isn't a draft people want to trade INTO, but OUT OF . . .

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    I hope the Jets trade down to add picks and rebuild from the trenches

    OL, DL, speed at WR/RB, pass rush, safety

    No reaches, agree with OCCH on the QB situation, can't fix it all in a year

    06 Draft was Brick and Mangold, 07 was Revis on the road to the 09 ACCCG


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